Pulling things apart and sticking them back together in the wrong order is always fun.  Finding a right order is yet more nifty.   And that's what I like doing.  All the better if the pieces move and talk.

My initial film career was in Perth, working in feature film and documentary editing.  It wasn't long before I was seduced by the glittering world of advertising.  "The pretty things!", I cried, and "moved east" (as they say in the west).

That was thirty years ago.  My hair has got thinner, and the rest of me has not.  

Over so many years I've worked on short films, documentaries, and on thousands of commercials, with many of Australia's top directors and agencies.  I've edited in and with every style and mix of direction and post-finish.  I most particularly enjoy performance and dialogue editing; I think it brings the greatest challenges, and the greatest rewards.

I've been fortunate enough to edit for many award winning commercials and campaigns, and have myself assembled a sizeable collection of odd shaped pieces of perspex,.

So, Melbourne or Sydney or anywhere else - you'll find me banging the odd square peg into the odder round hole.  And finding they fit.